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Default Re: Favourite boxers?

Originally Posted by doggyland
Yeah i've read that Observer article about the labrador with a taped up mouth and the flamingoes he used to drive into etc.
A cruel man he was alright.
Hamed was so immature when you look back now - he was like the kid getting thrown out of class who would burp or fart as he was getting thrown out of class - to get that one last laugh from the other kids
I'm gutted about Hamed. I was a huge fan (not least because I took money off a lot of welsh lads when he destroyed Robinson), bought the videos, laughed at his bullshit and generally excused the twatty behaviour because he was "doing the business". The cracks started to appear as early as the Kelley fight I suppose, but I was in denial about it. When he finally got his arse kicked by Barrera (another of my favourites and will remain so) I swore up and down that Hamed would win a rematch as it was the kick in teh arse he needed to get back on teh straight and narrow and train properly. The I saw that documentary "The Little Prince in the Big fight" and the rose tinted glasses fell right off.

The bloke is, and possibly always was a complete wanker. Subsequent behaviour has confirmed this, so it wasn't just a stitch up job by the documentary makers (not that it would ahve been hard).

It's not just his attitude that causes me to dislike him so strongly, it is that I still reckon he could have become an all time great if he had not been such a tosser convinced of his own infalibility and "God given" right to greatness. If he'd ahve trained better, listened and learned he could have been the legend he thought he was.

I am open to offers for my Autographed gloves (They're signed "MBE" but no discounts because he had that taken off him)
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