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Default Re: Favourite boxers?

Originally Posted by doggyland
Yeah i've read that Observer article about the labrador with a taped up mouth and the flamingoes he used to drive into etc.
A cruel man he was alright.
Hamed was so immature when you look back now - he was like the kid getting thrown out of class who would burp or fart as he was getting thrown out of class - to get that one last laugh from the other kids
I'm gutted about Hamed. I was a huge fan (not least because I took money off a lot of welsh lads when he destroyed Robinson), bought the videos, laughed at his bull**** and generally excused the ****ty behaviour because he was "doing the business". The cracks started to appear as early as the Kelley fight I suppose, but I was in denial about it. When he finally got his **** kicked by Barrera (another of my favourites and will remain so) I swore up and down that Hamed would win a rematch as it was the kick in teh **** he needed to get back on teh straight and narrow and train properly. The I saw that documentary "The Little Prince in the Big fight" and the rose tinted glasses fell right off.

The bloke is, and possibly always was a complete ****er. Subsequent behaviour has confirmed this, so it wasn't just a stitch up job by the documentary makers (not that it would ahve been hard).

It's not just his attitude that causes me to dislike him so strongly, it is that I still reckon he could have become an all time great if he had not been such a ****** convinced of his own infalibility and "God given" right to greatness. If he'd ahve trained better, listened and learned he could have been the legend he thought he was.

I am open to offers for my Autographed gloves (They're signed "MBE" but no discounts because he had that taken off him)
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