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Default Re: Ali vs Foreman : 2

Originally Posted by Stonehands89
... I sense the rumblings of a rampage! I read one of these by you and was highly entertained.

I tend to agree with you. Also, fighters were more willing to back away and were allowed to clinch far more. Of course, wrestling was part and parcel of sound strategy. I would also offer that it seems that the output then was also less because there were potentially far more rounds. I don't see what others claim on this site -short, destructive combinations of the kind that more modern punchers are prone to inflict. The gloves were also relatively like mittons, so even if they did, the fight was more likely to end.
LOL, those rumblings are probably coming from the heavy thunderstorm raging outdoors from where I sit at this moment.

Bob Fitzsimmons reportedly shattered an opponent's wrist with one of his punches, and we all know about the damage Marciano did to one of LaStarza's biceps in a round which Rocky was deducted for a low blow. (Considering the damage Marciano inflicted, who really won the round?)

Sure, if somebody can punch hard enough, the best thing to do is avoid the blow entirely, or at least redirect it's energy away by deflecting it. Savvy hard punchers will be aiming deliberately for those arms (like Sam Solomon had Leon Spinks do, whenever Ali tried the rope-a-dope in Neon's historic upset). When they're not aiming for the arms, they'll seek to connect solidly on other bodypart they can get away with. (An illegal but hard kidney shot or rabbit punch can decide an outcome.)

Jack Johnson's brand of defensive wizardry was largely based on reaching out to intercept a punch before it could gather any momentum. Nat Fleischer described Lil Artha' as being inclined to loaf, but I suspect that his manner of initiatory defensive tactics discouraged many of his opponents into a submissive offensive shell.

Ali's lean was harshly criticized, but like weaving under a hook, it was actually highly effective for making an opponent miss entirely, a far more draining experience than a direct hit on the arms, or some other nonscoring bodypart. (You know very well that a redirected punch can be every bit as tiring and demoralizing to an assailant as a complete miss.)
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