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Default --- Rating, Andre Ward/Carl Froch ---

Instead of doing to seperate threads, I thought i'll do one so a more direct comparison can be made between S.O.G and the Cobra.

My ratings

Technical Ability - 8.5 - 7, Ward has the Advantage here, Froch isn't what you call a technicall fighter but it would be wrong to say he has poor technique, he has a excellent jab and his power punches are generally technically sound. Ward on the other hand is what you call a technical fighter, as a boxer he depends on his technical ability to win him fights, he is adapted to fight on the inside and outside.

Defence - 8 - 6, Ward has the advantage here again, he hardly ever gets with the same combination twice and he adapts his defence well to nullify his opponents offence. This is a area where froch is/was underrated by the fans in general, he is open to overhand rights and fast jabs because of his hands low style However his ackwardness often makes him hard to hit flush.

- 7 - 8, Froch has the advantage here, he's a fighter who relies on a solid offence to win fights. He's strength and relentless approach makes him a fighter that is hard to push back, he is also adapted to use his jab and box when needed to, Ward is a good offencive fighter but he isn't the most pleasing fighter to watch as he often turns his fights ugly but he finds a way to win.

Footwork - 8 - 7, Ward has the advantage due to the technical side of his footwork He has good general movement, he finds good angles to counter his oppenents and he is a good ring general. Froch has good footwork when it comes to closing an oppenent down but he has looked slightly stuck on the backfoot when put under pressure (Glen Johnson)

Accuracy - 8 - 7, Ward, he is very accurate when a fighter tries to come in, put no one has yet pushed him to find something extra to win, Froch has good accuracy but not great. He has very accurate jab to the body which can wear down an opponent, also decent combinations

Power - 5.5 - 7.5, Froch although not a massive puncher has a clear advantage here, at the higher levels Froch's power isn't what it used to be against domestic level fighters, his power isn't devastating but is enough to hurt a world class oppenent and put them awat if hurt. Nothing against Andre but he lacks power, he's a good puncher - clean and accurate, but he still finds it hard to hurt a world class opponent even though he hits them clean over and over again but if froch lets ward keep hitting him with over hand rights all night, ward will eventually wear him down.

Speed - 8 - 6.5, he has excellent speed. He can throw quick jabs and right hands he can also mix it up with hooks to the body on the inside. Froch although not exactly fast but he isn't slow either, he has quick power jabs to the body and can throw quick hooks when he needs top up the workrate.

Versatility - 7 - 8, Personally think Froch has the advantage here, he has needed to be versatile in some of his fights compared to Ward. He is able to both Box and Slug it out and he does it easily. Ward has had to only box most of his career but he is able to fight on the outside and inside slighly better than froch.

Stamina - 8 - 9, Both seem to have excellent stamina and its probably even, However you have to go give to froch due to the fact that he has a higher workrate in his fights, he did tire in the kessler fight but lot of factors went into that fight. Neither fighter seems tired after the full 12.

Heart - 9 -10, Both have great hearts neither have any quit in them. This again could be even but froch has been in fights where he needed to demonstrate his heart, War vs Pascal, Kessler and coming from behind against taylor. Ward wouldn't back down against Bika who gave him a nightmare but Ward didn't come close to giving in.

Chin - 6 - 9, Froch Great chin down once and that was against taylor and he wasn't hurt, he has taken bombs from Johnson, Kessler recently, one of the best chins in the business, Ward's chin hasn't often been tested Abraham hiw him around the ear and seemed to hurt him from a single punch and a Bum put him down early on in his career.

Physical Attributes - 8 - 8, Even and for different reasons, both are strong and I think froch is a bit more stronger than Ward. Froch can control the distance using a excellent jab to the body. Ward like it or not has a effective headbutt, he can hurt and bother an oppenent severerly with it as demonstrated in the kessler fight and he also uses his reach well although not as big as Carl Froch's, he is very effective in clinches and hardly comes of second in a clinch.

Overall - Ward : 7.5 Froch : 7.5

Prediction, shock upset by Froch to take a razor thin decision. To win he needs to turn it into a dog fight, which isn't a easy thing to do against ward but if Froch tries to box Ward he'll lose even if he does it for few rounds he will lose because he would have given away to many points.

Some attributes are missing though such as Cut/Swelling resistance, ring IQ and Corner ect.


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