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Default Re: [Decoding] Pacquiao-Marquez 3 ((VIDEO))

Thank you for posting, great watch.

That video was spot on, until the end. All of the things Marquez does are accentuated by the fact that he is of similar size to Pacquiao and operates with a low center of gravity, unlike taller, distance-oriented counter-punchers. His adjustmentts in and out of range are thus subtle, and not obvious; he can duck under Manny's punches and counter, change the angle laterally while in range to throw, feint him rhythmically without reaching and making the baits seem like obvious efforts, and disrupt Manny's own rhythm by surprise. Floyd can approach the same flaws in his own technical way, but they won't be similar in dimensions at all. All of Marquez's tricks depend on each other, and directly depend on his size and style. You can't isolate them because it won't work. Manny's linear because he's nervous; he's nervous because Marquez seems close, and ducks under or moves subtly; Marquez can move because he's turning laterally; he's turning laterally because he can throw while moving in the pocket; he can do that because of his guard, rhythm, positioning, and overall style. These small things made a huge difference, and they came together in a way that is unique to Marquez's counterpunching style. Their back-and forth rhythm will always be a beautiful thing to watch.

Thanks again for posting. Not nearly enough unbiased technical talk on this forum.

(Posted the vid in another thread of mine, hope you don't mind, OP.)
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