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Default Re: [Decoding] Pacquiao-Marquez 3 ((VIDEO))

Originally Posted by this_and_that View Post
Excellent vid.

This also highlights why JMM is by far the only fighter to ever give Pac that much of trouble.
What he does in the ring is almost relfex action for him after having been such the great technician that he is for the longest time.
This is also why other boxers can't just "copy JMM" (see Mosley) because what he does is a product of years and years of experience.

Now can somebody tell the creator of the video to do the same for Pac?
I mean c'mon, 13mins of video highlighting JMM and 30secs only for Pac's "strengths"?
Really? I thought my man Erik emulated Marquez' style pretty well in the first fight.
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