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Default Re: [Decoding] Pacquiao-Marquez 3 ((VIDEO))

Originally Posted by Leon View Post
I talk to the video maker before. I don't think he likes emmanuel too much. His motive for making these videos is to show why Juan schools emmanuel, and that emmanuel hasn't improved at all.

Here are other videos created by him. Many people brushed off the facts and visual proof in these videos because they wanted to believe the fairytale about emmanuel's "improvements".
I've seen all those, all excellent.

Personally, I think Manny was on his "best version" on the last fight, as far as boxing fundamentals are concerned.
He did got hit less and tagged JMM more than their previous 2 fights.

They may not be huge improvements, but I maintain my position that he did improve on punch selection (doesn't charge in without first feinting or jabbing, his accuracy is better too) and combination (up and down, not just jab, jab straight), balance (was really ****ty before since he overcommits way too much, also why JMM wasn't able to rock Pac as solidly as before since JMM used to use Pac's momentum against him a lot), defense (dodging and parrying and using the high guard more effectively), timing (the way he negates jabs with his lead left is noteworthy), right hook (he throws it better now, not as wide as before and more timed, and infinitely more powerful).

Other than those "slight" adjustments, I'm very disappointed that it appeared that he regressed with his foot placement. He used to turn even the great Erik Morales around with ease.
Or maybe it was just that JMM is a master on it.
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