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Default Re: Who's a Better inside fighter - Ward or Froch

Originally Posted by Hitta_Squadup View Post
Your assessment of this fight isn't very good, you compare the way Froch handling AA as a blueprint to how he will handle Ward its ridiculous, I am one of many who "knew" Dirrell should have won against Froch, Johnson is just an average fighter with 15 losses and comes up short in 99% of his big fights, Glen is slow and predictable but yet was still able to hit Froch with numerous right hands...

Now Ward was not at all "punked" around by Bika, it was just a case of two physically strong fighters who didn't want to give an inch, it was give and take...

It wasn't a physical fight for inside dominance in the Kessler or Abraham fights because that's not either guys style, Kessler a boxer/puncher who likes to operate from the outside working the jab and Abraham is an opportunist who, looks to let you wear yourself out by letting his opponents punch them selves out whole he covers up on defense and he capitalizes on you when you're done punching, he's a mid-range fighter, not necessarily a physically strong fighter, just a strong puncher...

Also Ward was hit more against Abraham because he took more chances than Froch who spent his entire fight with AA on the outside being content to just outbox him, Ward to it inside, mid-range and outside in an attempt to get the KO,
he took chances Froch not so much...

And Ward will easily win this fight, taking minimum damage and will hurt Froch bad in the process, you sir need to brush up on your boxing knowledge because at the moment you don't have much..
The Bika fight was give and take,so how did the judges come up with the scores they did ?

What proof do you have that somebody with questionable punch power and an average KO percentage,was willing to take chances with a noted puncher in order to go for a KO ?

Why are you questioning somebodies boxing knowledge,are you an expert ?
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