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Default Re: Who's a Better inside fighter - Ward or Froch

Originally Posted by Two Shakes View Post
The Bika fight was give and take,so how did the judges come up with the scores they did ?

What proof do you have that somebody with questionable punch power and an average KO percentage,was willing to take chances with a noted puncher in order to go for a KO ?

Why are you questioning somebodies boxing knowledge,are you an expert ?
Not an expert, but my knowledge is superior to yours and the guy I responded too and when I said give and take I was addressing the physicality of the fight, the rough housing not the outcome of rounds won, your ability to comprehend is also subpar...

And I knew Ward was willing to take chances because "i saw the ****ing fight", not to mention Ward said as much before and after the fight, just because he isn't a huge puncher doesn't mean he can't go for a KO, you are aware that he does have 13 ko's in 24 fights right...

****ing idiot, next time you feel the need to defend someone make sure you have a valid argument...
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