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Default Re: [Decoding] Pacquiao-Marquez 3 ((VIDEO))

Originally Posted by this_and_that View Post
From where I came from, that's the very reason people engage in forums in the first place.
That is, to hone whatever boxing knowledge they have, be it absolute greatness or plain nothingness.
Others just want do it for the sake of trolling (which is fun btw).

Also, the general consensus is it is the mods who choose which posters stay and which posts does not get deleted or moved.

If you really plan on creating an elite consortium then I suggest:

1. Apply for a moderator position here and make sure you do your job.
2. Create a sub-forum where only the "elites" like you can post. There you can have all the mental masturbation you want to have with other "elites", whatever criteria you want to impose for one poster to qualify as such (i.e. must ride X boxer's **** all day and all night, etc.)
3. Leave the General Forum alone COMPLETELY.


1. Add posters who don't fit your criteria to your ignore list.
2. Never "show" their posts.
3. STFU.

Except, most Pac****s don't join this forum to learn about boxing. They join this forum to discuss Pacquiao, and Pacquiao only. Some will admit they don't watch any other boxing, at all. Actually, 'discuss' is the wrong word. It's propaganda. All Pacquaio, all positive, all day. That's their modus operandi. You missed the point of my post completely. I'd have no problem with them if they showed a willingness to learn about boxing or discuss other fighters, but most Pac****s rarely, if ever, do. And you can dispense with that 'elite' nonsense. It's not about that at all. It's about the quality of the forum in general being spoiled by members who have more interest in pushing an agenda than learning about or discussing Boxing.
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