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Default Re: [Decoding] Pacquiao-Marquez 3 ((VIDEO))

Originally Posted by this_and_that View Post
That will be excellent!

I'm expecting something like what mistakes JMM did that inevitably caused his (supposed) loss on the first fight and why he didn't do enough to convinve the judges on the 2nd and 3rd fights.
Or during what exchanges did Pac's workrate and high volume punching created openings in JMM's D (and how).

Thanks for being awesome!

Newsflash to Pac****s.......Corruption runs rampant in boxing.
Boxings higher ups dont run or have any intention to make certain the sport runs fairly and cleanly.

Its not about what Marquez did wrong or lacked, Pacquiao's more popular and boxing's higher up's make more money if Pacquiao is on top.
......and of course it helps that your promoter knows the in's and out's of greasing palms to make certain his fighter has a pre-disposed advantage in in the judges minds.

Boxing has been this way since I've been a fan.

.....well.......I will admit that what Marquez did wrong to fall short of not winning against Pacquiao was to score a KO. Marquez would have had at least a 50/50 chance of his KO standing and getting that official victory.

.......for anyone that remembers, when James "Buster" Douglas KO'd Mike Tyson, Don King tried to get it overturned citing the ref had issued Buster Douglas a long count when he got dropped in the 8th round by Tyson.
......things like this happen when people in the sport are desperate for a fighter to remain on top.
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