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Default Re: Muhammad Ali vs Ken Norton III (On September 28. 1976, at Yankee Stadium)

Norton deserved the decision...simple as that. Ali knew it...Norton knew it...look at the way both reacted at the final bell.

There's some serious revisionist bull**** going on to suggest's become an urban myth with Ali sycophants who claim Ali won this fight. If it's repeated often enough, it becomes the truth...or so it seems.

Ali got the decision for financial reasons keep the gravy train rolling. Norton deserved a 4th fight, but Ali didn't want it...Norton should have got first crack at Leon too...Spinks' people didn't want that fight - offered Norton $ 200k thinking he would turn it down...but he didn't. One unlucky fighter, Kenny Norton.

As Norton said...Ali is the only fighter who can get a hometown decision in any town in the world.

After the fight Ali said "if I can't even beat Norton..."

Norton got shafted...end of story. Ali fans can dress it up any way they want...but it's the truth.
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