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Default Re: In which round will Carl Froch stop Denis Inkin?

Originally Posted by Steve Fox
So you think that Froch - who is now fighting an eliminator for the generally more sought-after WBC title - is scared of Bute because he chose not to fight the said fighter (who would easily have been the highest caliber opponent Froch has faced) while he was in need of knee surgery.

If Froch is genuine in his desire to fight Joe Calzaghe, then I think it's fair to assume his best chance of getting that fight, would be by way of becoming a mandatory for one of the belts JC was likely to be aquiring from Kessler.
There was never any chance of Joe fighting Froch after Kessler. Nothing has changed. Froch is only calling out Joe because it keeps his name in the papers and casual fans might think he might be able to beat Joe. We all know that, Froch and Joe included.


Are you suggesting Froch dodged Bute because he had a knee problem?

Did he develop that knee problem after the Tatevosyan fight? If so, it means he didn't have it when he decided to fight Tatevosyan. So, in that case, why fight the man Bute beat instead of Bute himself, if you know you can KO the guy anyway? If he had done that, Froch would have gotten a shot at Berrio for the belt.

Or did he develop that knee problem before the Tatevosyan fight? If so, it means he fought Tatevosyan with a dodgy knee! But why would he have done that given that he fought Tatevosyan only four months after his previous fight? If he had developed a knee problem before the Tatevosyan fight, he would have seen to that and would have fought e.g. Tatevosyan wasn't as if Tatevosyan was in a hurry, having been beaten up by Bute less than two months previously, or that Froch was getting stale due to inactivity; after all, he fought Tatevosyan as early as four months after his previous fight. See, Steve, that doesn't make sense one way or the other.

Now, I am not saying that Froch didn't have knee problems or that he didn't have the operation. He did. We all know that. What I am saying is that the knee problem wasn't so critical that it would have stopped Froch from fighting Bute instead of Tatevosyan. And supposing that it was, after all, so critical, instead of fighting Tatevosyan, Froch should have sorted out his knee and accepted to fight Bute after he recovered, in the eliminator. But he didn't think he was ready. And the dodge knee is only an excuse for dodging Bute. So, not only did Froch dodge Bute, but he talked trash about how he'd KO him and Berrio too, whilst at the same time using a dodgy excuse for not fighting Bute in the first place. Not cricket, is it?

(If you want to continue this chat, please start a thread on the subject...I don't want this thread to be about anything but Froch v. Inkin). Cheers, mate.
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