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Default Re: better top 5: Ward or Calzaghe?

Originally Posted by Nonito Smoak View Post
When considering the context of the win over Hopkins, which I'd say at least 40% of people disagree with the scoring, against the thorough ass beating Ward laid on Kessler, which 0% of people disagree with the scoring, well, I'd go with a push.
I don't think that's quite fair.

The fact is Calzaghe was awarded the victory against Hopkins, and those who believe Hopkins won among fans constitute a minority.

Calzaghe beat Hopkins, and Ward does not have a victory of that magnitude.

Calzaghe gets the edge now, but like I already said--the comparison is inherently unfair.

Ward's championship caliber fighting career is only now beginning, and Ward already has the potential to pass Calzaghe--and perhaps even sooner rather than later.

Calzaghe's career is over.

I understand these types of discussions are interesting, and I find myself pondering these same type of scenarios. I just think keeping perspective is imperative.

I won't belittle Calzaghe's greatness, and I won't undermine Ward's potential for his own claim to greatness.

Joe was a great fighter and Andre appears to have the goods to be a great fighter in the making.
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