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Default Re: better top 5: Ward or Calzaghe?

Incidentally, one of the first times I interviewed Ward I actually asked him how he thought he would match-up with Calzaghe. This was from sometime before the Allan Green fight.


On what he thought about Joe Calzaghe as a fighter and how he believess he would match up against a prime Calzaghe:

“Joe Calzaghe’s a winner—that’s what you got to look at. Not to pat myself on the back, I have a lot more work that needs to be done and a lot more proving still to do, but I think that that’s one quality that I have. I just love to win and I just thank God that in each fight, even as an amateur, we found a way to win and that’s what Joe Calzaghe does. You can always nitpick and pry a guy’s style apart, you can find weaknesses on tape—we all have weaknesses—but at the end of the day, can he win? And Joe Calzaghe has proven over a long period of time that he is a winner—against sluggers, against other boxers, against whomever. So you have to give him his just due. Stylistically, I think it would have been a great match-up and I have a lot of respect for the guy, but of course, as a young fighter and a young lion I feel like I would definitely win the fight and I think I would win it handily. But that’s something we may never know about. I don’t know if Joe’s ever going to come back and obviously I got a lot of work carved out for me in the Super Six, but that’s definitely a dream match that I would look forward to because you would have two guys who have flaws, of course, have a lot of good strengths, but two guys who are determined to win. I think that would have given the fans just a tremendous, tremendous fight.”
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