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Default Re: better top 5: Ward or Calzaghe?

Originally Posted by BlackBrenny View Post
Look at his ****ing eyes, do you not think the ****ing hooks to the face cut open Sheikas RIGHT then LEFT eyebrow? I mean, you must have a head the size of saturn to cut open a guy like that...unless it was caused by punches...Oh was...
I can't help if you are intent upon cuddling Joe's willy, man. If you need impartiality ask some of those that had good ringside seats. There were two head clashes. Sheika obviously got the worst of it. Then there were cuts. You've never seen head clashes directly cause and/or indirectly contribute to a cut's development on a fighter? Really? Why ignore the facts? It is what it is. Call Sheika. I'm sure he can confirm that he was butted, cut, and the fight was stopped prematurely.
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