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Default Re: better top 5: Ward or Calzaghe?

Originally Posted by BlackBrenny View Post
aye ok mate if you say so, Sheika never got outclassed and hooked to ****, he got cheated by headbutts...if you say so mate
Listen .. in a lousy era, in a weak division, with few decent opponents when the opportunity was available to put together competitive athletes in the ring like Calz and Sheika you should want to see a satisfactory conclusion not a ref stoppage due to a cut. Sheika was better than more than half of the fighters Joe defended against. A rematch with Sheika - due to it ending the way it did - should be something you are in favor of. You can believe Joe would have won in any event but surely a rematch would have made for a far more interesting and competitive fight than about a dozen of his other defenses during his career.
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