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Default Re: better top 5: Ward or Calzaghe?

Originally Posted by BlackBrenny View Post
But did you REALLY watch it? have you seen those cuts (caused by punches) in HD? Sheikas eyes were ****ed, plus his arms were going limp with each shot lol.

he didnt "push the referee away in rage!". he ****ing threw his balnky out of his cot and sulked to his corner.
Just realized I sounded like a Calzaghe hater. To clarify:

Calzaghe def won the first 4 rounds, and the 5th was great two way action with Joe clearly getting the better, but I really don't think Sheika was out of the fight.

And if not for the cuts, I doubt he goes into "all or nothing" mode the way he did. Props to Sheika though, gave the fans what they wanted and rather than get punished and further cut over several more rounds, he went for broke. Wish more would do it that way.

Calzaghe did fight somewhat dirty. Enough so that I can say Calzaghe in Calzaghe/Sheika fought dirtier than any specific Ward fight I can think of. I don't think either are dirty fighters, just stating this due to the amount of trash Ward takes for fighting well on the inside. He doesn't have the power to scoot the opposition back, so what else is he gonna do when he's unloading on the opponent, back up and drop your hands?
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