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Default Re: anything like ali\frazier 3?

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
Only one fight between them is needed anyway though. This fight is only going to go in a couple of possible directions. Either Chael gets stopped again somewhere along the line, or Anderson gets wrestle****ed for 25 minutes instead of 23.

If Silva knocks Chael out or submits him again, then no rubber match because Chael is 0-2, he had two chances and missed them both.

If Chael does the same damn thing as he did last time except adds on another 2 minutes without getting caught in a sub, then no rubber match. There's never a rubber match if the "rounds won" column after two fights reads 9-1 in one guy's favour.

But yeah, if they rematch and Sonnen dominates him again and takes a 5-0 decision, then Silva-Sonnen becomes one of the sport's top-tier greatest rivalries. In that scenario, history won't judge Anderson harshly for spending so much time on his back against Chael. Every fighter has a guy or a style that he just plain doesn't match up well with. Anderson is no exception. But even a lopsided defeat would merely elevate the significance of his first victory IMO.

So basically I think that three fights would be too many for those two guys. But one fight is clearly not enough.

I agree with you except to add that if Sonnen did happen to level things (and I sure hope he doesn't), a decider could potentially be UFC's biggest ever attraction.
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