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Default Your favourite heavyweight of all time?

This question is not just based on your favourite heavyweight of all time inside the ring, but also combine it with the fighters life outside the squared circle, only if you wish.

How influential were they socially, and to their generation?.

Do you have one particular heavyweight you just admire so much inside the ring that you continually watch them on video and DVD?.

Do you have a certain heavyweight you admire so much you just can't stop reading about his life from various books?.

Note: Don't vote who was the greatest. Please express your opinion on who was the greatest when posting about your own personal favourite. Although you may well come to the conclusion the greatest heavyweight of all time, may well be your own personal favourite as well.

Example 1: You may well vote for Evander Holyfield, who doesn't have the historical background like Jack Johnson, but you grew up watching his fights with Bowe and Tyson.

Example 2: James J Braddock, journeyman to heavyweight champion. Possibily the movie "Cinderella man" may well have drawn you to Braddock like a magnet.

Example 3: Muhammad Ali may well be the greatest heavyweight without question in your eyes, but Mike Tyson went about his business with more distinction and excitement than "The Greatest".

If your choice is not on the poll, please select "other" and let us all hear your views.
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