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Default Re: Big Nog can **** off with his excuse-making.

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
I love how idiots love Chael for telling it like it is, when he is actually telling you how it isn't. Then you turn around and hate on Nog for telling you what happened. I guess some people hate the truth.

Nogueira doesn't speak English all that well. The ref told him to stop hitting behind the head. Nog said neck instead. Big ****ing deal. The ref did warn Nogueira for shots most people get away with. Nogueira went for a sub when he should have gone for the knock out.

I guess Nogueira should just proclaim himself the winner of the fight, call himself the uncrowned champion, and tell the world how scared Mir is of him. Then make up some story about how he would break into Mir's house and do something gangster to him. Follow it up with some ethnocentric remarks about Brazilians, and make fun of Mir for being an American. That way Nog could be loved by Haggis the Jack Ass.

****ing good on you Rek.
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