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Default Re: Big Nog can **** off with his excuse-making.

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
I love how idiots love Chael for telling it like it is, when he is actually telling you how it isn't. Then you turn around and hate on Nog for telling you what happened. I guess some people hate the truth.
Are you directly comparing Nog to Chael?

Chael is the sport's biggest trash talker. His whole thing is running his mouth and saying outrageous things in order to provoke a reaction. He's the UFC's biggest troll. When he calls himself "The People's Champion" and talks about Stann being his first defence, he's selling himself and his next fight. HE doesn't even believe that ****.

Nog, however, is supposed to be the quiet, humble, respectful gentleman.

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
Nogueira doesn't speak English all that well. The ref told him to stop hitting behind the head. Nog said neck instead. Big ****ing deal.
That's fine if Nog stuttered this out in broken English immediately after the fight, with his adrenaline and emotions running high. I wouldn't have an issue with that at all.

But that's not what happened. This message appeared on his website OVER A WEEK later. It was a message to his English-speaking fans, and he straight up lies to them in order to make an excuse. Any fan can watch the tape and see that he's full of ****. And it's not even talking about the neck instead of the back of the head. It's about saying that his shots were legal and that Herb Dean was wrong in warning him, which directly cost him the fight.

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
The ref did warn Nogueira for shots most people get away with.
Oh, bull****. Watch the tape. He clearly hit a trapped Mir in the back of the head 3-4 times while the ref was 2 feet away. Every fighter gets warned for that, and rightly so.

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
Nogueira went for a sub when he should have gone for the knock out.
Yes, that's right.

But Herb Dean didn't say "Don't punch him any more" or "Go for the submission now."

He said, quote, "Watch the back of the head." Because Mir was trying to escape, and Nog was repeatedly hitting him on the back of the head.

Nothing was stopping Nog from ad******g his position and continuing to hit Mir in a legal way.

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
I guess Nogueira should just proclaim himself the winner of the fight, call himself the uncrowned champion, and tell the world how scared Mir is of him. Then make up some story about how he would break into Mir's house and do something gangster to him. Follow it up with some ethnocentric remarks about Brazilians, and make fun of Mir for being an American. That way Nog could be loved by Haggis the Jack Ass.
No, what he should do is just suck it up. Don't wait for a week and then post statements on your website where you straight up lie about what happened, and not only that, where you throw the best ref in the game under the bus for apparently costing you the fight, when in fact he acted appropriately and handled the situation in question very well.

FFS man, I don't know where you guys come from, but in Australia every 8 year old kid is taught never to blame the ref when you lose. Not even when the ref really did **** up and cost you the win. And ESPECIALLY not when the ref did nothing wrong.

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