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Default Re: Big Nog can **** off with his excuse-making.

Originally Posted by Bill Butcher View Post
Why the **** have you got a little blue head shaking ?

What Nog said was absolutely correct & he credited Mir for submitting him also, whats the problem ?
What Nog said was NOT absolutely correct. He was NOT landing legal shots, he WAS hitting Mir in the back of the head, and he was rightly warned. Just a warning by the way, Dean never interfered at all with Nog's positioning or attack.

When you credit Frank Mir with the victory, and then in the same breath you complain that the referee wrongly stopped you from continuing a legal attack and that's why you immediately made the mistake that caused you to lose the fight, that is NOT crediting Mir for the submission. That is blaming the ref.

Say it in the heat of the moment in the cage immediately after the fight, okay no problem.

After a full week has passed, releasing a statement to your fans on your official website in which you lie about what happened and unfairly ***** about the referee's performance - that's disappointing. Not the end of the world and it doesn't ruin Nog's reputation or tarnish anything he's achieved in his career, but it's not a good quote and he shouldn't have posted it. You can acknowledge that without hating on Nog, you know.

Or you could continue to just relentlessly slobber on his nuts.

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