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Default Re: Are people still interested in seeing Fedor fight in the UFC?

Originally Posted by Count Pacula View Post
Not so sure about that. Fedor was not unbeatable, even in his prime, although he was great. He struggled more than a few times and came close to losing to Lindland, Fujita, Hunt, and Choi (big but below avg skills). Randleman nearly ended his career but credit goes to Fedor for surviving that insane suplex. If Fedor went on a steak of dominating guys like Jon Jones has been doing, then yes, I would agree that Fedor appeared invincible.

As for Fedor in the UFC, why not? Kimbo got a shot didn't he? It's a win-win for Fedor. If he overachieves then he has a ton of reasons to be proud. If he's content with fighting unknown cans in Japan or Russia that's fine but it's not going to enhance his legacy.

30 tried, 30 failed

if Fedor was a giant with massive physical advantages who steamrolled through those 30 opponents without being in danger (the way Anderson and Bones have been doing in their woefully inadequate weight division), then he wouldnt have the aura or respect he has now

He was a fat light heavyweight who constantly fought the best (often much) bigger guys around and beat them all at their own game, at times coming back from hell to do it

How many times have Anderson GSP or Bones taken on top notch guys who are far bigger than they are?

How many times have you seen Anderson GSP or Bones daring to challenge these guys at their own game?

BJ Penn is arguably a top 5 All Time p4p fighter. He had the ***** to try what Anderson and GSP didnt - and Fedor made a career out of - that is trying their skill our against bigger guys - and look how that went

Fedor is finished. No Fedor fan should want to see him in the UFC as that guy is gone
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