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Default Re: Big Nog can **** off with his excuse-making.

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
At his age and experience, he should know better than to try to throw the referee under the bus when in fact that referee performed his job well. When Nog says that he looked at the footage and it shows that he only landed punches to the side of Mir's head, he is flat out lying and causing harm to Dean's reputation.

It's not the excuse in and of itself that is the problem. You are right, fighters make excuses.

It's trying to pin the loss on Herb Dean ****ing him with bad instructions, when in fact Dean did nothing wrong. That's bull****, it's not a standard excuse, and Nog should know better.

You don't know a damn thing about what it takes to be a fighter and the pride they have. Nog can make all the excuses he wants. You should know better. You just a commentator you don't know nothing about MMA.
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