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Default Re: My love for MMA is being really tested by Overeem, Sonnen, and the UFC.

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat View Post
I am actually a bit of a bodybuilding fan. Not like MMA or boxing. I wish they would get rid of the roids/GH and go back to the thin waists. I like the idea of sculpting the body. They do work incredibly hard to achieve what they do but everyone writes it off due to roids and the fact that now adays they look ridiculous.
I understand that it is a lot of work, just because you take roids doesn't mean you will wake up looking like that. I also don't mind them as much in Arnies day, they were still huge but now they just look like freaks. Maybe its just personal taste.

I think people should strive to look like boxers, gymnasts etc. not those guys.
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