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Default Re: My love for MMA is being really tested by Overeem, Sonnen, and the UFC.

Originally Posted by HENDO View Post
And ya'll talkin all this bull**** about boxers not bein warriors.

Mother ****in old as hell James Toney, can't even beat any boxers at this point, went in there not scared at all with a guy that is considered one of the best MMA'ers of all time.

On top of that, his strength is his wrestling, something James never trained cuz he was too busy ****in women and not tryin to pay a man to get all nasty and get ball sweat in his mouth that people who pay men to wrassle LOVE.

When Silva was tryin to fight Roy Jones in boxing.....Dana got scared as a ***** and pulled the plug.

When I see any of them tryin to go to boxing and fightin top level guys as their first fight, then we'll see what's up.

Until then, UFC is the every man's sport, for non athletes, who enjoy payin people to get ball sweat in their mouth.

Boxing is a sport. Most athletes are tryin to play a sport, not get ball sweat and blood in their mouth and **** a man or grab his **** to win.

That **** is gay. And I don't got anything against *******uals, but I'm tellin ya'll like it is.

That **** is gay.
I know I'm wasting my time here but...

Your showing huge sign of insecurity toward you ***ual orientation.

You know in psychology that called projection, you see something that ***ually stimulate you, but your mind think that is wrong, so you overcompensate by telling everyone that the thing turning you on is disgusting.

No wonder you like watching half naked man huging and turning around each other for 33 minutes !

So....yeah....that's pretty much it !
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