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Default Re: My love for MMA is being really tested by Overeem, Sonnen, and the UFC.

Originally Posted by HENDO View Post
Because, ya'll try to talk **** about boxing on a BOXING WEBSITE.

I gotta hold it down.

Bob Digi was tryin to say that Boxers weren't warriors.


James Toney never had an MMA fight in HIS LIFE fought one of the top MMA fighters of all time in a discipline that's basically the anti-thesis to stand up boxing.

Brock Lesnar could get the BIGGEST PAY DAY of his LIFE, if he boxed Klitschko, but it would be pathetic.

I woudln't even be a fight.

I'm just sayin, if MMA fighters are so damn tough, let one of them fight a top boxer. We'll see what happens.

****, boxers go into MMA and whup up champions.

So if ya'll are gonna talk all that ****, I gotta give it to ya'll RIGHT back.
"Put Boxing gloves on the Mixed Martial Artist and see what happens"

You're not even a boxing fan, you dislike Mixed Martial Arts more than you actually like Boxing. Everyday you're in here like a whiny ****.

**I take that back, Cotto is a warrior, but he is no Aztec Warrior. Brock may have run from Cain, but had he been allowed to take a knee, or standing 8 count, I think he would have. If you want to talk boxing, take you're **** to The General.

Originally Posted by Ne5ville14 View Post
I know I'm wasting my time here but...

Your showing huge sign of insecurity toward you ***ual orientation.

You know in psychology that called projection, you see something that ***ually stimulate you, but your mind think that is wrong, so you overcompensate by telling everyone that the thing turning you on is disgusting.

No wonder you like watching half naked man huging and turning around each other for 33 minutes !

So....yeah....that's pretty much it !
I've said it all along, either ****phobic or a *******ual himself.. Nobody views MMA as ***ual other than him.

He has taken grappling and perverted it. Sweat, ****s and ***** is all he sees, time to take off the pink goggles.
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