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Default Re: Cotto, Gatti and Hatton..

Originally Posted by Caper
Well now their is hope for Americas youth, I'm going lobby for you to go on Opra and preach boxing.

Floyd and Cotto need to fight......does that mean it will happen???? who knows cause the dollar talks in this business as much as I hate to say it this sport has lost much of its intergrity because of the mighty dollar and the worlds love affair with popular fighters having more say than the deserving fighters.

I think PBF would win an SD at this point but who knows I know a couple exchamps in the Batam Weight division that train fighters at Gleasons that feel Cotto would beat Floyd (Also read an article that interviewed Ronnie Sheilds right after Cotto's fight with Quintana that said Ronnie feels Cotto is the only welter that would beat Floyd)

Oprahs a hoe.

I disagree PBF would win. I don't think the fight would be close. Cotto lacks in the defense department and I think would be countered easily all night while Floyd is on the backfoot. The final score would be 8-4. Myabe a KD for either fighter
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