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Default Re: Cotto, Gatti and Hatton..

Originally Posted by Caper
Listen thats a fair assessment, I just don't think PBF would be as inclined to work on the inside with Cotto, while PBF is excellent inside so is Cotto and that's why it would be a great fight. Hatton nullified his own attack just like I knew he would by trying to force the issue his smothering worked against him and that's why he got countered all night until his inevitable "ring post ko"

I'm not sure if he would, he might be on and off with it. Kind starts out and goes on the backfoot, not going inside with Cotto. Once Cotto sets his pace to work the outside. Floyd will change it up, and work inside a little and switch it up and keep Cotto guessing. Also, Cotto will have to watch for straight right leads. I also think Cotto's trainer is going to try to bait Mayweather in leaving Cotto open to uppercuts, trying to lure Mayweather to swing for that punch leaving him exposed and open. The question will be, will Cotto be able to pull the trigger quick enough or will Floyds speed mess that all up?
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