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How about a fair shake?
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Default Re: Cotto, Gatti and Hatton..

Originally Posted by eze
I dont care to search the archives, many were picking Floyd to lose based on how big Baldomir was and how strong he was.

Once Floyd won, a lot of them said, we were only saying it to **** you guys off, we knew Floyd would win. You know those assholes would of rode that train had Floyd lost.

BTW, Go Giants. Although Im a Dallas fan.
Sorry about Dallas but yes......GO GIANTS!

It takes more than being a strong man to beat PBF.....I was never worried though Floyd did avoid confrontation for most of the bout. Floyd is extremely intellegent he knows how to exploit his adversaries and sticks to that game plan Cotto does the same, (Not through out his carrier but he's doing it more now) both men know most fighters are physically capable but not all fighter understand the importance of focus and concentration its not qauntity its quality (at least in boxing)
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