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Default Re: If Brock takes Overeem down, it's all over

Originally Posted by AJAX View Post
Lesnar's chin isn't that bad, he's not like Arlovski where he get's hit and is out cold. but he definatly doesn't like to get hit and will panic under in bad situation. And fighting Overeem is a guy who can put him in a bad situation, but it's about Lesnar being able to get him to the ground and control/keep him there. I don't think you can judge overeem by the werdum fight because that's not the reem that brock can expect to get his gameplan from.

Brock lacks the experience. If Brock had the luxury to keep the fight in his domain (wrestling) then he is dominant. When he loses that luxury via punches or submission grappling then he lacks the experience.

Brock was preparing for JDS and now Overeem so it would be shocking if he hasn't been working hardcore on his striking for a good year. I think he knows he is weak there and thats why he brought in PAt Barry. Can't remember the rumours though - they didn't allow punching to the face or you got thrown out if you got too rough. The footage I've seen doesn't suggest this is the case.
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