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Default Has the Heavyweight Division ever been this Good?

I posted this same question in the general boxing forum, and I am curious as to how this poll will go in the European forum, because the vast majority of posters in the general boxing forum are British or American and, of course, seem not to be enjoying an era where most HW contenders are European. I wanted to see how the poll goes in the European forum. So here it is.

I'm an American, and in my opinion, the HW division has never been stronger than it is today. It's a result of better medicine, nutrition, advances in the science of boxing, better training. The world produces giants today, and the Iron Curtain is down, adding millions of people to the pool of potential fighters.

So, of course, I get tired of hearing today's HW division fighters continuously maligned, and the same old chant "The HW division has gone to hell".

I've been watching boxing steady since 1959, when I was 15. I remember the thrilling trilogy of fights between Ingemar Johansson and Floyd Patterson. But I don't think those two light cruiserweights could compete as heavyweights today.

By the same token, I hate to see posters on this forum bad-mouthing the old time greats. I love watching the videos of Ali and Foreman, Marciano and Baer, Galento and Louis, Walcott, Moore and Schmelling, Patterson and Johansson. Just hearing their names brings a good feeling to me. They are my old friends.

I am posting this new thread and hoping that it can be objective, but also respectful. Anyone who climbs through those ropes and tries his best deserves respect, whether it was 2011 or 1911.

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