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Default Re: Who really won Silva vs Cro Cop 1?

OT: the second matchup was the most satisfying result I ever had as a PRIDE FC fan. SIlva was such a ****y douchebag **** to everyone in Pride and talked a whole bunch of **** about Cro Cop leading up to the fight and CC picked him apart and brutally KOd him, not only nearly killing him but effectively ending his run as an elite fighter in MMA. Wand has also adopted a "nice guy" persona since, as he is known in the UFC.

Wanderlei was never the same after that.

And Wand actually came in weighing more than CC in the second matchup. Chutebox twice ruined the careers of two of their fighters in there desperate search for a HW champion, first when Ninja Rua got brain damage from Kharitonov than when Wanderlei got decapitated by CC. Sad and poor management really.
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