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Default Re: "Boxing Is More Technical"

Originally Posted by Wilhelm View Post
Totally disagree. The best MMA fighter in the world is just as good at MMA as the best boxer in the world is at boxing. The issue with something being more "technical" than something else is that the person watching it has to know enough to appreciate the techniques involved. On this board there are a lot more people who can appreciate slipping and countering than setting up a double leg takedown with a punch. James Toney has perfect technique with the former, GSP with the latter. One thing is not more "technical" than the other.
Originally Posted by Anarchy99 View Post
MMA is proudly home to Olympic gold medal Judoka's, ADCC grappling champions, K-1 kickboxers, and NCAA/Olympic wrestlers. If anything, MMA is missing professional caliber boxers. While I agree 110% that to become a champion in boxing you need to master every aspect of the sport, MMA cannot be denied the the level of skill champions possess. To dedicate your training camp to 4-5 arts in the attempt to perfect your game is far more difficult than training to master 1 art (boxing). However, that being said, boxing is and always will be the Sweet Science and when looked at from a Whitaker/Pep/Mayweather/Tyson aspect, it is the most graceful thing not called ballet.

Originally Posted by Popkins View Post
Boxing is more technical, MMA is more skilled.

What I mean by that apparent contradiction is:

- Boxing is one discipline, a specialism, a pure art form, so the best boxers in the world are the best boxers in the world, ie: the technical highest-level people in that discipline on the planet

- MMA is many disciplines, an art form containing many skills, so the best MMA fighters in the world may not be the best wrestlers, boxers, kickboxers, or BJJ practitioners, so they are not as technically proficient in any specialism, but to marry all of the skills they have is evidence of extremely high skill levels

At least, this is my distinction. Although people have spoke of MMA now being one hybrid specialism, I don't view it as such.
They quite possibly view MMA as a fighting style, maybe they aren't too far off in that sense.

I'll think about that one, a very sensible outlook altogether.

High fives all around..

PS Chavez is as skilled as Mayweather
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