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Default Re: SEE how well Mayweather can take a punch

Originally Posted by Gander Tasco View Post
he's got an average chin nothing more. taking a big punch here and there isnt proof of a good chin. In fact I dont think he takes punches all that well. Mosley landed basically two flush right hands, and each one buckled Floyd. Judah had him running for cover after a straight left. Ditto for Ortiz via right hook. Corley had him on speghetti legs. Contrast this to Miguel Cotto who has a bit ofa shakey chin, and he took Mosley's best punches all night.

Floyd's chin is good enough to keep him on his feet and do what he does best that's all . It's nothing special.
Probably best if your look up the word average. Ortiz had him running for cover?

In terms of the thread topic, Mayweather CLEARLY has an above average chin. Great? No. People focus on the shots that have troubled him, but he has taken some really good, clean shots from decent/big punchers.
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