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Default Re: SEE how well Mayweather can take a punch

Originally Posted by cfizzl3 View Post
I agree he has a good chin. Very good actually.

Most people underrate his chin, saying his defense is great but if he gets tagged by a puncher he's going down. Well, if you look at the Mosley fight, he got tagged by a monster right. It was crisp, on point, and had DEFINITE pop behind it. He took it well, and kept composed.
He didn't take it well, he was VERY badly hurt and a younger, more active fighter might have taken him out. He REACTED to it well and skillfully, but that's not the same as taking it well.

Mayweather has a crackable chin and it's nearly cost him his 0 a couple times. If he gets caught like that against a better fighter than Corley or an ancient Mosley it's bad news. If Chico had managed to get to him with one of those it would have been game over.
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