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Default Re: SEE how well Mayweather can take a punch

Originally Posted by bernie4366 View Post
He has the punch to hurt him and the energy to follow it up, so yes, Pac is a VERY dangerous fight for Floyd.

Respect has nothing to do with it. I gave him great respect for dealing with the situation about as well and expertly as it can possibly be dealt with. That doesn't change the fact that he was hurt pretty badly and a younger and more active fighter who actually went for the kill with gusto might have been able to finish him then and there.

This is were you are disrespecting and making light of a skill not many fighters poses.. Each time pac was seriously hurt he was KOed. The fact that floyd can continue to function and deal with the situation and thin turn the situation it into his favor is nothing short of amazing .. Instead of just flailing away with punches like some injured animal, he is able to think his way out of the issue and capitalize on it...

Any fighter that has boxed has been hurt badly, so has floyd so what ,, but his skill and his chin is above average which account for his ability to get out of situations .. I also believe even if pac landed a shot on floyd's chin, he going to need more then speed and power to capitalize on the situation ..Your so called Gusto, would only get pac beat up like zab , shane ,hatton,corley, chevez all had the so called gusto .. but the only thing they got was a boxing lesson.

the more fighter take the approach that floyd's chin is average, he not that strong , he does not hit that hard, the more he will rack up wins . More fighters that follow your line of reasoning will come up short.

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