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Default Re: Has the Heavyweight Division ever been this Good?

Valid point. I think the main reason the heavyweight division gets so much criticism is due to the lack of elite American heavyweights. Obviously there are many factors behind this - young black athletes chosing other sports, the decline of the amateur system to name a couple - but the major factor for me is: size. They don't have many, if any, boxers with the required skill and size to match the best European heavyweights. In decades past guys like Steve Cunningham, Eddie Chambers, Chris Arreola, Kevin Johnson etc would be considered good sized heavyweights - not too long ago they'd be big heavyweights. But because they're not quite big enough, or good enough to compensate for it, many Americans dismiss the heavyweight scene as dross.

Funnily enough, Oscar De La Hoya claims boxing "needs" another American World Heavyweight Champion. Furthermore, Seth Mitchell is going to be that man. I don't agree with the first point, but in regards to the latter: if that's the best you've got, then the world is going to keep "needing" another American champ for quite some time.

The irony to me is they could have a great cruiserweight division. Guys like Chambers and Solis - and perhaps Johnson - should be able to make 200lbs. And they'd be the same size as many of the heavyweights of the past. If the promoters and TV networks got behind them then they'd be able to make a payday without going up heavyweight against guys too big and too good for them.
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