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Default Re: How many active heavyweights would you back to beat Jon Jones?

Originally Posted by afterglow View Post
JDS, Reem, and Cain are guys i'd be pretty confident in him getting beaten by.

Barnett's wrestling sucks, and he's slow, so I think he'd get lit up standing and wouldn't be able to get a takedown.

Mir would probably get the Vera treatment if Jones gets added power from more weight.

The other guys are either to small or not skilled enough in all areas.

Tho he would probably be ****ed if Bigfoot was able to get a takedown.
Stylistically, I think I'd be more confident of Barnett beating Jones than I would of Cain beating Jones, not that I'm saying Barnett would beat Cain.

Josh is teak-tough, I can see him walking through fire to get a hold of Bones, and then using his extra weight, strength, and grappling experience to dominate Jon on the floor.

If Antonio Silva and Frank Mir had better punch resistance, I could see them doing the same, but I don't think those two would be able to handle Bones's artillery on the way in the way that Barnett would IMO.

Cain isn't going to get a sub the way that Barnett, Bigfoot or Mir could, so I think eventually Bones would escape from the ground, and break him down in the stand-up.
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