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Default Re: Has the Heavyweight Division ever been this Good?

Originally Posted by Honor View Post
The HW division is about average, or just above average. The fact remains is that the Klits are champs. These guys are supreme titleholders, one of the best in history, I believe. They are the cream of the crop. These guys are also not just boxers, they are politicians, doctors, honorable charity workers, and for the progression of Ukraine and not just that, Europe. These guys aren't dumb idiots like Bowe or Holyfield, who pretty much have to box cause they don't know anything else to do with thier lives. These guys are top scholars and smart men, they enter a boxing ring like a chess match.

Most people say the Klits are ruining the HW division, thats false. They are infact saving it for humiliation. Your all going to be sorry the day Vitali retires, and even more so when Wlad retires. The belt(s) is(are) going to get handed around like a bag of weed.

As long as the champions are not american, they'll always be ruining the division according to the american media. If the next dominant champion is an european (quite probable, seeing the prospects coming up from both sides) they will claim the division is still sh*t. If he's american, the division will suddenly be great.

Look no further than SMW to see what I'm saying: Calzaghe is dominating "the division is ****, Calzaghe hasn't fought anyone". Ward is dominating "It's the best SMW division evah!!11!".

Their double standards never cease to amaze.
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