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Default Re: The British Forums Ring Walk Music Thread.

Originally Posted by Pad-Man View Post

I would wait the first 37seconds of song just loosening up by shadow boxing, small jumps up and down with a bit of bobbing and weaving.

Would then proceed to walk to ring clapping hands with fans en route as the lyrics kick in to song at 38 seconds on.

Lyrics en route to ring are as follows;

Breathe the pressure
Come play my game I'll test ya
Psychosomatic addict insane
Breathe the pressure
Come play my game I'll test ya
Psycho-somatic addict insane

Come play my game
Inhale, inhale, you're the victim
Come play my game
Exhale, exhale, exhale
Class stuff Nip!. Love this banger and could imagine it being better as a entrance.

For me i want i wanna take it old school, back to the 90's type entrances. I want something like this...


Jimmy Lennon Jnr reads out my name, then tv camera pans over to the entrance. You hear some of my quotes from interviews 'there will be blood', 'both of us will never be same again, i'm ready for a violent war!'. Then you see the pyros going made, the crowds booing me intensely i'm away from home somewhere like Manchester against one of there boys.

Intense booing i' m waiting behind the entrance bit with my hood up shadow boxing the screen's playing some of my knockouts with loud sound effects to go with it and then you hear a loud sound like bars of a cell being closed and i walk through screen as this song plays and i stand there soaking up the boo's.


They have to loop track, cos i'm taking my time getting to ring. Looking at whole arena focused, Inciting the fans a bit by standing there with a ****y swagger.

I win the fight inside two rounds, Start like Gerald McClellan but i get the job done!.
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