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Default Re: Has the Heavyweight Division ever been this Good?

People can be mistaken, people can lie to themselves and others. But numbers dont lie.
Numbers clearly show todays HW division is by far the best, and even better than any snapshot of any heavyweight division in history. With a deeper talent pool, fighters with better win/loss records, more amature bouts and are physically much larger today.

Compare today's top ten with the top ten from 1972 (remember the socalled great 70s?)

Ring's top ten 1972:

#1 Joe Frazier, 24-0-0, blind in one eye, couldn't pass the physical today.

#2 Muhammad, 35-1-0, lost to one eyed Frazier.

#3 George Foreman, 6'4" 220lbs, over half his opponents would be Cruisers today.

#4 Jimmy Ellis, 6'2" 190lbs, smaller than Cruiserweight today, lost to: Holly Mims 56-22-6,
Henry Hanks 52-16-3, Rubin Carter 18-4-0, Don Fullmer 32-11-2, George Benton 52-9-1 all before 72.

#5 Ron Lyle, only a pro for 9 months but already at # 5, 11-0-0.

#6 Floyd Patterson, was at the very end of his career, had his last fight in 72.

# 7 Ernie Terrell, lost to: Johnny Gray 14-8-1, Wayne Bethea 20-12-2 before 72.

#8 Jose Roman, lost to: Hal Caroll 6-2-0, Herman Harris 22-23-1, Charely Polite 8-5-2,
Jack Bodell 51-9-1 and Robie Harris 3-7-1 all before 72.

#9 Joe Bugner, lost to: **** Hall 30-8-3 and Jack Bodell 57-10-1 before 72.

#10 Ken Norton, 20-1-0, had been down five times by 72, lost to: Jose Garcia 12-2-1.

So the HW division in 1972 sucked!!!!
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