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Default Re: Fedor's accurate punches hits the sweet spot

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
Some zombies are talking about how Ishii flopped and cant take a punch, calling him a CAN.

More knowledgable people would know that the combo Fedor did would most likely knock out anyone. That punch behind the ears tapped the sweet spot.

First punch was a straight to the face that smashed Ishii's nose, second was an uppercut that jolted his head up, third punch was the killer that was basically a KO punch that ****s up your equilibrium (the sweet spot).

Fedor's punch directed sweetly and powerfully, we all know how powerful Fedor's power punches are. Even less powerfull fighters an get a KO if they land at the sweet spot.
No one's ever doubted how powerful a striker Fedor is. Especially his GnP which in his prime was merciless. That said this is Ishii. And Ishii is a nobody. Great pedigree, great amateur background. But the kid is between a rock and a hard place. His career is bound to go nowhere after this loss as the Japanese like to see their fighters go out on their shield. Ishii just crumbled. He'd be better off going back to Judo.
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