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Default Re: Should non-English fighters be expected to practice improving their English speak

It's never bothered me because there is usually an interpreter. Seriously, do you give a **** what language something is spoken in, if someone/subtitles are there to let you know what was said?

I think this is an idea that came from boxing ****ysts, commentators, and reporters; that claimed certain fighters would be more popular in the US if they were to speak English. I remember hearing that about Duran when I was a child, and later the same was said about Chavez. I just don't buy it. Especially after the success of the UFC in America. I have actually heard people say they watch it because white people have more success there than in other sports. I think there is a large percentage of the US, which is still close to 80% white, that want to see white Americans. I don't think that picking up the language is going to satisfy these people.
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