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Default Re: ****** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 ******

Samurai's Slice


1. Wladimir Klitschko

Wladimir Klitschko is the undisputed heavyweight kingpin, This awkward, tall fighter has been dominating this division for years, and at age 35, Doesn't plan to stop soon. Wladimir has big wins to some of the best modern fighters such as David Haye, Eddie Chambers ( 7. ), Samuel Peter, Sultan Ibragmov, Ruslan Chageav, Chris Byrd, Ray Mercer, Lamon Brewster and Tony Thompson. Wladimir has few flaws that will prevent him from fighting as the best in a time like this, Glass Jaw? Nobody can reach it anyways! Next Fight: TBA
2. Vitali Klitschko
Again, Clearly the Number 2 fighter today, Vitali did have an arguement to be number 1 a few years ago but he is entering his 40s and is showing signs of fading, Moving slower, less exciting. But over all his height and skills set still give him enough to beat down great fighters like Tomasz Adamek ( 5 ) and Dereck Chisora ( 4 ) on a fightly basis! Next Fight: TBA
3. Alexander Povetkin

Alexander Povetkin is a good fighter, He has bet many top fighters so far such as Ruslan Chageav ( 11 ), Eddie Chambers ( 7 ) and Marco Huck, The thing is this kid comes on strong early, Hurts his opponents, but come the late rounds and he fades, His punches loose the pop, He looks like he wants to pass out, This needs a solution to call him " great ", Maybe better conditioning? He does come on fight night looking a little soft. Whatever it is, It needs to be fixed, He almost lost fights with Marco Huck ( 115-113 Huck I had it ) and Ruslan Chageav ( 116-112 Povetkin I had it ) due to his late round fading, And if he doesn't get this resolved, I see many in the top 10-15 having a shot at beating him. If it does resolve, He may be able to do the opposite. Next Fight: Hasim Rahman, Date TBA

Povetkin currently holds the WBA Regular title, A bogus title made by the WBA, Wladimir Klitschko ( 1 ) holds the real version.
4. Dereck Chisora

Dereck Chisora has impressed me over the last few months, He has reduced his conditioning problems and become more devoted then ever. Over the last few months Dereck Chisora gave Vitali Klitschko his toughest fight in a while, Loosing a clear decision though, He also bet down the hard hitting Finn Robert Helenius over 12, Only to loose an extremely controversial Split-Decision. Del Boy has come far past his wide decision loss to Tyson Fury in July 2011, And will go way farther then the flawed Fury IMO. Next Fight: TBA

5. Tomasz Adamek

Tomasz Adamek established his career at Crusierweight, And he'd do well dominating that weight right now. At Heavyweight he has some decent wins to Kevin Mcbride, Vinny Maddalone and Michael Grant, But clearly his only solid win was a close and competitive decision to Chris Arreola ( 9 ), A rematch of that would be interesting, But other then that all he did at HW was become another Vitali punching bag, He lost a 10th round stoppage to Vitali that because of all the damage he took could have ended sooner. Adamek will compete with some top Heavyweights, But some will be too big and too strong for him, That's why I think his career should have stayed at Crusierweight and not have ever been at Heavyweight. Wlodarczyk-Adamek would have been HUGE in Poland, Cunningham 2 would have been interesting ( First fight was very entertaining, Adamek won a hard fought decision ). Next fight: March 24th Verses Nagy Aguilera on NBC Sports and likely Polsat Poland.

6. Robert Helenius

Helenius is a powerhouse, He can knock out most heavyweights if he lands flush. But he starts his fight really slow and if you can take his late bombs you can win an easy decision, As Dereck Chisora ( 4 ) blueprinted. So yeah he is flawed but he does have some shocking wins to tough fighters like Samuel Peter and Sergei Liakhovich, Both by KO. I mean they are former champs and title challengers despite being past prime these wins are impressive I believe.

Helenius is a beast, But he needs to up his workrate, Or people with solid chins and good boxing skills may be able to defeat him. Next fight: Injured, TBA

7. Eddie Chambers

I was debating even putting him on the list, He is so inactive, He hasn't fought since Feb. 2011 in an easier fight verses heavyweight sensation Derric Rossy. He had a fight set in November against Tony Thompson, Eliminator that could have got him another title shot, Got injured, Pulled out. Then a tough fight on NBC Sports in Feb. against Sergei Liakhovich, He also pulled out with injury, Some fans are giving up on Eddie, I mean sure he has boxing skills, Not no KO artist but he had solid potential and this horrid inactivity is destroying it. Before his bout with Wladimir Klitschko in 2010 he fought more frequently verses good opponents, He bet Samuel Peter by a hard fought decision, He also earned a wide decision to Alexander Dimitrenko. Now he is only fighting once a year. COME BACK EDDIE!
8. Tyson Fury:

I don't like him. He has power, But no skill and a glass jaw. He was almost KO'd by a featherfisted Canadian named Neven Pajkic last year, I mean sure he came back to stop this guy late but the performance was still garbage. I am officially off his hype train. If Dereck Chisora ( 4 ) didn't come in at such a horrible weight against him it would have been a stoppage win for Chisora. Nevertheless Fury got the win and has some power, I guess he has earned a spot on the list.
9. Chris Arreola:

One of my favorite current heavyweights, He has a lot of power and often puts on entertaining fights, But he does have some weight issues that he partially resolved and some defensive flaws ( common among Mexican, Mexican-American fighters ). So no I don't see him being the best in the world but with the games Eddie Chambers is playing he may just be the best American of this generation. He bet some names in Jameel McCline and Brian Minto, also gave Tomasz Adamek a very hard fight but over the last couple years he has just been fighting nobodies in Joey Abell, Eric Molina, Raphael Butler and Nagy Aguilera, Winning easily KO's over them all, Don't get me wrong it's fun watching Arreola score KO after KO but he has to fight a good name soon, He isn't that young and can't play with these important years of his career.

10. Alexander Dimitrenko:

I see a question mark above him, He impressed me with his KO of Albert Sosnowski but then struggled a lot with tough journeyman Michael Sprott, Winning a close decision. So how good is he really? That isn't 100% certain. Dimitrenko has skill but I think he will loose to most top guys I believe, Chambers murdered him and I think Pulev will also beat him in March. We'll see. Next Fight: Kubrat Pulev, March 31st in Germany.

and just behind...

11. Ruslan Chageav

Ruslan Chageav at 33 has bet some top fighters of this genoration at Heavyweight including Nicolai Valuev ( Close and very controversial win for Chageav ), And is nearing likely retirement after loosing to Alexander Povetkin in a very tough fight for Povetkin and Wladimir Klitschko, Who battered and stopped him late. Although Chageav did look good in his last fight against journeyman Kertson Manswell though, Despite coming in at a higher weight then normal he seemed to have the power he had a few years ago back again! So no I don't that he is " shot " but he is past his prime and will likely retire in a year or 2. Next fight: April, TBA opponent.

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