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Default Re: Fedor's accurate punches hits the sweet spot

Originally Posted by Primenal View Post
but..But... Brock Lesnar I was told was the baddest man on the planet! UFC told me, I mean I even looked at the guy. Have you seen this guys muscles??? In that fight with Cain he was sporting a tough freakin beard, looked totally unstoppable. I was like
It's just he's not 100% these days. His surgery, his health, the wars he's been in.. Dude is totally shot with a total of like 8 fights.

I agree with you man. Lesnar is a prime product of UFC overhype machine that these sheep eat. Fedor has fought nobody in his career, but Lesnar when he only had 4 fights was half way to being GOAT.
Did you know he looks like a Viking as well?
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