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Default Re: ****** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 ******

Originally Posted by Robney View Post
And before I forget... all hail the new king Tackleberry!

Of course a proud member of team Europe.

Originally Posted by Co****OfHorror! View Post
Kirk, my new year's resolutions are to pick more fights here, even little guys and not forget doing it so much! I know you go to a lot of trouble all year. You're the best man!
Good to hear Co****!

Originally Posted by Boxing Girl View Post
19 fight picks in a month? I had 14 fights in week before
Its not about quantity BG, its about quality

Originally Posted by Boxing Girl View Post
btw the Kirkland-Molina, and Morales-Garcia fights were moved to march
Damn, thank you Boxing Girl. I was hoping Kirkland vs Molina was going to stay on the same date....

Originally Posted by Kayo-Kid View Post
Riiiiiight new year with the same goals...Take over the Kirkpionship!!!!

Originally Posted by Lunny View Post
I'm a bit confused. (my default setting in life)

To get involved do I just need to make a load of picks for this weekends fights sometime this week?

Or do I need to send in an application form or something?

All one needs to do m'man is make any pick on any fight you want and Ill get you listed. Would be nice to have you on board Lunny

Originally Posted by BigBone View Post
So you're finally ready to test yourself here? Good girl!
Highly doubtful Not sure how she would do when she wouldnt get to pick on 20 obscure fights a week to pad her record eh boxing girl?
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