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Default Re: Jim Hettes Looked Like the Real Deal Last Night

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
The only thing that I see that could hold him back is the way he leaves his chin up in the air. Someone with good hand speed, like Guillard or Yves Edwards, could really make him learn this the hard way. That is if they can do it before he closes the distance.
Good point. But he's just a kid, if he's smart and/or if the people around him are smart, he will improve his standup without having to learn it the hard way.

I was speechless during that fight. That was some beatdown, the 30-25 x2 scores were accurate, rounds 1 and 3 were the definition of a 10-8 round. Extremely talented kid.

That said, I think this fight proved that martial arts' belts don't always count that much. I mean, we saw a purple belt absolutely dominate a black belt. That tells me that Phan's black belt doesn't say all that much, and this should apply to other 'black belts' too.
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