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Default Re: Hugo Corro vs Sven Ottke

Originally Posted by My2Sense View Post
Huh? What the hell did YOU ever do to save this thread?? I was the only one who actually made a PREDICTION, damnit!!
Ahem. If it weren't for me, your sporadically commenting **** never would've seen this thread.

Also, this:

Originally Posted by red cobra View Post
You're to be commended for that too BTW, because there's something stupifying about this thread..negative energy impulses..inertia..innui..cosmic forces..extreme boredom....that makes a prediction so difficult..but besides, BE is the surgeon/Dr. Frankenstein here..saving and maintaining the life of this thread supercedes any mere "prediction"..
Originally Posted by Boxed Ears View Post

So, there. Hmph.
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