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Default Re: ****** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 ******

Originally Posted by kirk View Post
hehe.... its funny, I was on my break from work today and I figured id check the thread from my phone... so I go down the first page and seen it wasnt there, I scroll back up and then I see that it had been... stickied?

I wiped the screen of my phone, and looked again

Much thanks goes out for making it one for this first week, I know it cant stay for long because the general forum is usually fairly free of stickies and I understand that, but still.... to get it stickied when it didnt have to be, pretty damn cool
Just to clarify Kirk, I'm not really sure who's challenging me for the People's Championship, I believe it's Bajingo but I'm not really sure if anybody accepted my challenge or challenged me before that
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